300ez® Low-Pro

Low profile reclining seating mechanism designed for contemporary furniture.

The 300ez® Low-Pro series mechanism is a pioneering component in the motion-reclining furniture industry. This sleek low-profile mechanism offers the ability to install a metal-to-the-floor mechanism into a low seating application.

A standard metal-to-the-floor recliner mechanism on average is about 19” - 22” (48.2cm - 56cm) in height whereas the 300ez® Low-Pro is just 15 3/4” (40cm).

The human body is continuously evolving, with height, weight, and size differing from years past. Your customers will be looking for a motion recliner that has been designed specifically with their needs in mind.

Features and Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low seat heights — approx. 15 3/4” (40cm) from the ground
  • Same Ottoman extension as in other metal-to-the-floor mechanisms
  • The first residential recliner mechanism to be tested at 300 lbs
  • EZ open, EZ close
  • Designed and engineered by
  • Omega™ Motion
  • EZ to operate by the entire household
  • Manual or Power version available
  • Patent-pending technology


Attributes include:

  • Close-to-wall proximity feature to accommodate any room configuration
  • Effortless motion for EZ operation by all ages




TV Position

Full Recline
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