360ez® One-Motor Lift

More comfort - more lift support - more weight capacity.

The 360ez® One-Motor lift is a strong, robust, near-zero-wall lift chair mechanism that has been tested to support a 360 lbs. weight capacity.  

The human body is continuously evolving, with height, weight, and size differing from years past.
With this being said, your customers will be looking for a motion recliner that has been designed specifically with their needs in mind.

Be rest assured that the new and improved 360ez One-Motor Lift mechanism will offer your customers the
reassurance and sense of comfort and support in their time of need.

Features and Benefits
  • Dependable one-motor operation
  • Maintenance-free direct low-voltage motor – 24-volt, UL-approved
  • K.D. back systems are available for easy back removal for handling
  • Tested to 360 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • Spring-loaded Ottoman option
  • Long Life™ mechanism has been field-tested and proven by L&P’s testing facility
  • Wide-stance construction provides greater side-to-side stability
  • Fits same frame as manual zero-wall, glider, or rocker
  • Durable steel base and cross supports


Attributes include:

  • Maximum seat elevation with superb stability from Full-Recline to Full-Lift position
  • The ultimate in reclining chairs with near-zero-wall capability
  • Easy-to-use power motion controls. Fingertip motor control with infinite recline positions
  • Smooth and quiet operation