Air Dream Ultra

The Best Sleeper Mattress in the House!

Air Dream™ Ultra’s core comfort element has been reinforced and improved to provide the maximum in luxurious sleeping and rugged durability, whether it’s used for overnight guests or as an every night sleep surface. The engineered features that made Air Dream™ Ultra an overnight success are easy to see and feel.

Features and Benefits
  • Sofa sleeper mattresses have never been this plush – 11” of pure comfort
  • Offers the same plush dimensions and luxury feel as premium mattresses
  • Innovative technology combines spring coil support with a cushioning layer of air
  • Air-cushion layer adjusts from plush-firm to supportive soft feel
  • Separated air chambers distribute body weight evenly for ideal ergonomic support
  • Resilient, tempered Bonnell low coils provide lasting support
  • Accommodates standard sheets
  • Available in twin, full, and queen size
  • Encapsulated inflation/deflation mechanism makes operation one-touch simple with the easy-to-use hand wand
  • Inflates/deflates in about a minute
  • Adjustable firmness with the touch of a button