Big Man Chair

Big Man Chair

Heavy-duty construction for superior performance

Features and Benefits
  • Heavy-duty design allows up to 300 lb. occupant capacity
  • Universal frame will interchange with zerowall and glider recliner
  • Elevated mid-Ottoman brackets for added leg support and compliance with Consumer Products Safety Commission standards
  • 1-5/8” taller Rocker Base allows higher seatheight capabilities
  • High-strength steel in key locations with added embosses for strength and durability
  • Elevated footrest height for better circulation, and comfort
  • Engineered bushings and washers in all pivot locations for quiet, smooth operation and long life
  • Direct-drive activation synchronizes right and left sides for easy opening and closing
  • Optional steel seat foundation increases stability of frame and mechanism
  • Wide-stance construction provides greater side-to-side stability
  • Steel rocker base provides rigid structural integrity
  • Articulating mid-Ottoman offers more leg support
  • Endures a 25,000-cycle lift test at 300 lb. test weight
  • Long Lifemechanism has been field-tested and proven by L&P’s testing facility






TV Position

Full Recline
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