Coil Flex

Coil Flex™

The latest advancement in coil spring seating

Features and Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

  • Available with dropped and eyed base wires (as shown) for screw attachment to front and back rails; or with straight base wires for staple attachment to mounting rails.
  • Coil spring unitized with an oil-tempered spring steel grid (proven in the automotive industry) eliminates noisy top support systems found in other coil spring constructions.
  • Distributes support evenly for uniform seating.
  • 14-gauge Plasteel™ cross supports provide secure and insulated attachment, plus greater lateral stability.
  • Oil-tempered spring wire is utilized throughout for a level, resilient deck.
  • Coil Flex™ is comfort-engineered for the most in support and durability.
  • All the benefits of a coil system, with economical construction for efficient installation.
  • Selection of coil gauges, heights, and coil count for fine-tuned seating comfort.
  • Creates a flat seat deck for a quality, tailored appearance.
  • Available in hard-edge or spring-edge style.
  • Ideally suited for furniture lines with standardized inside dimensions.
  • Available in custom designs, with minimum order requirements, or choose from our selection of stock sizes