Delta Club Glider

Delta Club Glider Base

The Delta Club Glider base functions outside thanks to a three-step weatherproofing process.

First, the raw steel goes through a chemically pressurized spray-cleansing process to remove oil, dirt, and dust. Then, the mechanism is coated in zinc to prevent rusting. Finally, a specially formulated black powder coating is added to give another layer of protection and a smooth, clean appearance. 

This outdoor motion furniture base offers luxurious comfort in a range of styling options.

Features and Benefits
  • Multiple widths available, allowing for greater stability
  • Simple installation saves production time
  • Stable construction with ball-bearing joints that provide durability and smooth movement
  • Diverse styling capabilities
  • Six adjustable seat heights
  • Multiple chair options, including rider 24” ring and 10” swivel plate, or your own finished base
  • Delta Club Glider base can also be incorporated into matching ottomans
  • Wider stance, large-diameter cross tubes, and one-piece glide bracket for durability and stability
  • D-1654 salt spray tested for 96 hours