High Style

High Style™ Three-Way
Two-Way Mechanism, Three-Way Mechanism, Motorized Mechanism
Features and Benefits
  • Available sizes for small, medium and large chairs
  • Opens smoothly with a push on the arm and closes easily with simple leg pressure
  • Rail mounting allows for the ultimate in high leg design
  • Compact chassis is designed to operate in a wide range of chair sizes
  • A balanced recliner mechanism with optimum reclining performance for high leg chairs
  • Improved linkage design keeps ottoman closed tightly
  • Excellent footrest pitch and support
  • Safety ottoman brackets meet C.P.S.C. voluntary safety standards with an articulated elevated bracket optional
  • Back stabilizing bracket stabilizes back in closed position
  • Back tension adjustment allows back pressure to be adjusted to fit the individuals desired comfort
  • Engineered bushings at all pivot points for smooth operation and long life
  • Counter balanced recline for ease of operation and infinite full recline positions
  • Positive stops maintain a tight back and ottoman in the closed, TV, and full recline positions
  • Long Life™ mechanism has been field tested and proven by L&P testing facility


TV Position

Full Recline
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