High Style

High Style™

The High Style mechanisms function outside thanks to a three-step weatherproofing process.

First, the raw steel goes through a chemically pressurized spray-cleansing process to remove oil, dirt, and dust. Then, the mechanism is coated in zinc to prevent rusting. Finally, a specially formulated black powder coating is added to give another layer of protection and a smooth, clean appearance.

These outdoor motion furniture mechanisms offer optimum reclining performance for high-leg chairs.

Features and Benefits
  • Compact chassis designed to operate in a wide range of chair sizes
  • Simple installation saves production time
  • Improved linkage design to keep ottoman tightly closed
  • Safety ottoman brackets meet C.P.S.C. voluntary safety standards
  • Back-stabilizing bracket and tension adjustment
  • Engineered bushings at all pivot points for smooth operation and long life
  • Counterbalanced recline and positive stops for ease of operation and infinite full-recline positions
  • D-1654 salt spray tested for 96 hours
  • Offers a range of styling capabilities (2-way: low- and high-leg, 3-way: low-and mid-leg)
  • Manual only
  • Excellent footrest pitch and support
  • Opens smoothly with a push on the arm and closes easily with simple leg pressure
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