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Matrex® Webbing

Matrex™ Webbing

Quality webbing material for a variety of seating applications

Features and Benefits
  • Elastic Webbing Suspensions – the standard for high-end household and institutional furniture.
  • Electra™ – the latest innovation in highquality, all-purpose webbing, designed to meet the most demanding specifications.
  • Unitrex™ – a patented technology in which Matrex uses precise digital technology in producing MDF or plywood boards.
  • WebRider™ – provides the best of both worlds – webbing and springs.
  • Decking – advanced construction fabrics for decking and intermediate support applications.
  • Connectors – hide-away tooth connectors, as well as pin connectors, are available for sectionals and work stations.
  • Legs – constructed of highly durable plastic and available in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • WCU™ – the WebRider Compact Unit provides an easily installed seating unit that features the coil/webbing WebRider construction assembled within a metal wire frame.
  • SinuWeb™ – this sinuous/webbing combination eliminates clips and handling operation, making installation easier.
  • Synet™ – resilient fabrics for back construction.
  • Sytex™ – seating support systems based on the unique elastomeric properties of a high-strength polyester elastomer monofilament.
  • Collage™ – an elastomeric fabric with evolving dynamics created to function as a seating suspension.

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