Max Series

Max™ Series

2000 Series Residential Sleep Sofa Systems

  • Engineered low-profile linkage keeps all metal parts below the mattress line, while being the easiest to operate in the industry
  • All-round tubular frame construction provides a smooth and visually appealing look with improved safety (eliminated pinch points) and comfort in the seated position
Features and Benefits
  • Double-locking TV headrest provides added comfort while lounging or watching TV by raising the upper body.  To reduce field failures, the headrest also restricts the unit from being cycled while in the “up” position
  • Contoured seat section offers a wider seating area by allowing seating close to the arm
  • Forest black color
  • Body support tubes and direct attach wires together enhance support in the body section to eliminate sagging. The welded offset tube keeps the unit square and enhances unit strength.
  • Pro-Deck™ two-ply ballistic decking material enhances durability and visual appeal
  • Optional seat-support wires provide support while sleeping, plus adding durability to the overall unit. Support wires also give the quality feel of stationary seating.
  • Dual one-piece round tubular legs provide enhanced stability and strength, allowing the unit to be operated from the center or side position.
  • Anti-Tilt: a necessary safety feature, keeping the unit in contact with the floor at all times in the open


Available Lengths:

  • Modu Max 2300 (Shallow Frame) – 71” or 180.4 cm
  • Max Plus 2500 – 72” or 182.9 cm
  • Big Max Plus 2700 (Deep Cavity) – 72” or 182.9 cm
  • Max Plus XL 2900 (Deep Cavity) – 75” or 190.5 cm