No-Sag® Special Configurations

No-Sag® Special Configurations

With a wide range of standard shapes and sizes, No-Sag® seat and back springs are designed for desired spring comfort and firmness.


Features and Benefits

Custom springs are engineered, designed, and manufactured to meet furniture manufacturers’ specifications.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Sof-Edge®, Supr-Loop® Clip-On Sof-Edge®, XL Clip-On Sof-Edge, and Original No-Sag® Sof-Edge® available for seat springs.
  • Back springs include Spring Edge Backs, Supr-Loop V-Arc™, XL Clip-On Back & V-Arc™, and Original No-Sag® V-Arc™.
  • Seat springs offer versatility and minimum inventory.
  • Back springs are engineered for lasting comfort.
  • Springs measure inside to inside between 12” and 27”.