Omega Wallhugger

Omega™ Wall Hugger

Motorized convenience with Wallhugger® function

Features and Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

  • Wallhugger® recline motion
  • Standard Ottoman length – elevated mid-Ottoman
  • Geometrically balanced to allow the occupant’s weight to balance operation instead of springs
  • Maintenance-free low-voltage, UL-approved, 24-volt DC motor
  • Wide heavy-gauge links designed for safety and appearance without pinch points
  • Built-in, articulating, elevated mid-Ottoman allows use of wider and higher mid-Ottoman for elimination of entrapment areas and for leg support
  • Square drive tube connects to and controls both left and right sides
  • Flatter links supporting chair for improved weight capacity (250 lb. occupant weight)
  • Mechanism base width is closer to seat width while maintaining sufficient clearance between links to eliminate possibility of interference
  • Heavy flanges on links instead of tube eliminate problems with flexing and breaking of tube end at bend. Flange is on heavygauge link instead of the lighter-gauge tube, which can flex and break
  • Large diameter tubes instead of formed straps maximize torsional strength unlike non-tubular cross members, which have no significant torsional strength
  • Delrin and bronze rivet bushings to eliminate any steel-to-steel contact and reduce wear
  • Nylon stop-pin bushings to reduce noise
  • All Omega and Delta series mechanisms are interchangeable in the same frame if the frame is constructed per the rocker frame prints
  • Long Lifemechanism has been field-tested and proven by L&P’s testing facility


TV Position

Full Recline
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Home Theater



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