PM300 Plus

Introducing the PM300 Plus™, a Power Motion Wallhugger mechanism.  This mechanism is what we like to call "The Game Changer" and here's why:

The PM300 Plus™ is designed with power only in mind. Eliminating unrequired manual parts from the mechanism (15 bolts plus linkages) allows the product to become more streamlined and more responsive in the open and closed functionality.

Streamlining the design also reduces the assembly time, which in turn lowers the manufacturing costs and saves you money!

Features and Benefits
  • Power only mechanism
  • Tested at 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Streamlined profile
  • Faster engaging response time compared to other metal-to-the-floor mechanisms*
  • Wallhugger® technology - Close-to-the-wall feature in Full-Recline
  • New compact power motor
  • No tools required to install motor
  • Less assembly time
  • EZ fit: same mounting locations as current 350 and 400ez mechanisms
  • EZ open, EZ close
  • Same generous ottoman extension as in other metal-to-the-floor mechanisms
  • EZ to operate by the entire household
  • Designed and engineered by Omega™ Motion
  • Patent-pending technology

 *Compared to previous and current EZ models.



TV Position

Full Recline
Ideal For



Love Seat