Pull Out Pop Up Sofa Sleeper System

Pull Out Pop Up Sofa Sleeper System
The Pull-Out Pop-Up Sofa Sleeper System is an easy and convenient solution for overnight guests. With a simple pull of a handle, this stylish and modern sectional sofa converts into a perfect large sleeping surface.
Features and Benefits
  • The Pull-Out Pop-Up Sleeper System easily converts from another seating space for your living room into a comfortable bed.
  • Designed to create multifunctional furniture that’s both stylish and convenient.
  • Easy-to-operate design sets up quickly – simply pull out the sleeper and pop it up.
  • Simple hinge design for ease in installation.
  • High-grade steel provides a unitized construction for rigidity and Long Lifeperformance.
  • Four adjustable seat heights available.
  • Optional adjustable torsion tube to synchronize the side pullout hinges.