Seat Pleaser®

Seat Pleaser™

The comfort of coil springs – the easy installation of grid suspension

Features and Benefits
Key Features & Benefits
  • Seat Pleaser® combines the comfort of low-height, double-cone Bonnell springs with helically suspended, oil-tempered, spring-wire grid
  • Plasteel™ cross supports use plastic covered 17-gauge oil-tempered wire to stabilize the unit for comfort and durability
  • Easily installed in wood or steel frames
  • May be purchased pre-installed in steel recliner seat frames
  • Attachment method works well with all types of plywood and manufactured-wood product frames
  • Extra comfort and height of coil springs may save you money on foam cushioning in tight seats
  • Modular design and choice of attachment accessories help you standardize your spring-up operation
  • The seating advantage of a coil spring
  • Now you can offer the same deep-cushion ride in motion as well as stationary pieces
  • Both hard-edge and spring-edge styles can be accomplished with the same spring unit
  • Tight-seat, semi-attached, or loose-cushion styling possible