SuperFlex Seat Hinge System

SuperFlex™ Seat Hinge System


Premium-engineered sinuous wire seating system

Features and Benefits
  • Top-quality comfort
  • Creates deep ride while maintaining proper support
  • Cost effective
  • Great for motion seating or stationary applications

 Torsion Spring Action  

  • Unique torsion action of the engineered No-Sag®  sinuous spring creates luxurious comfort
  • The special bend may be installed front or back
  • May be used with or without the hinge link 
  • Lever action of open-end hinge link gives an even deeper ride, and controls the depth, angle, and position of the spring action
  • Hinge links may be used in front or back or both – to achieve the perfect feel
  • Fine-tune the balance points of your motion seating or stationary applications

 Soft Side Webbing

  • Resilient edge support for armless ends of modular and sectional frames
  • Prevents feeling the hard side rail
  • Prevents "lean in"
  • Simple and quick installation
  • One size fits all applications