One-step seating deck system

This patent-pending seating suspension combines the durability of polypropylene decking material with the reliability of Matrex® elastic webbing. 

The ease of manufacturing makes Uni-Deck™ an attractive cost-saving design because it is the complete seat deck, eliminating all other materials and the labor associated with alternative seat decks. The styling capabilities make Uni-Deck™ attractive to your customers.

Features and Benefits

Durable Performance

Long-lasting, tough, ballistic decking is combined with a unique Matrex® webbing to create the optimum combination of strength and resilience for a long-lasting, comfortable seat.

Ease of Installation

One of the most attractive features of Uni-Deckis the simplicity of installation. This system is  machine-stretched, then secured to the frame. This reduces the amount of labor and components needed with most seating systems by eliminating the need for deck pad and other seat deck components and processes.

Cost-Effective Design

With Uni-Deck, you have only one material to buy and manage within your factory. This eliminates multi-component seat systems and the labor required to assemble them.

Provides Unlimited Styling Capabilities

The simple design of Uni-Deckmakes it an ideal seating deck.  One system fits all your needs, from chairs to love seats and sofas, in both contemporary and traditional seating styles.

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